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Teacher's Guide for APPLESEEDS Paul Revere

October 2001

This guide was prepared by Mary Shea, Ph.D. Dr. Mary Shea teaches undergraduate and graduate reading courses at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

Reread the poem Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Note the factual errors in the poem. Write these down and the correction you've found.

Paul said to his friend, "If the British . . ."Paul called out, "The Regulars are out! The Regulars are out!" The soldiers were called the Regulars, not the British.

Now list the corrected facts you want to include in your rap. You may add more facts than Longfellow told.
  1. ________________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________________________________
  5. ________________________________________________________________
  6. ________________________________________________________________
  7. ________________________________________________________________
  8. ________________________________________________________________
Use sentence strips to draft your rap line by line. You can set these up in the pocket chart, revise as needed, and reread them all together before writing your first draft.

Here's an idea for a start:

His name was Paul. Paul Revere.
He saved the day. That's how we're here!
So listen. Listen. And you shall hear.
About his late, late ride
With friends by his side.
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