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Teacher's Guide for Compquest: Lewis and Clark

STEPS IN TIME (page 4)

    Read over this time line carefully because the articles in this issue refer back to it as a frame of reference.
    1. When did Lewis and Clark start their famous journey? How long did it take to prepare for their journey?
    2. What was Thomas Jefferson's vision for America? What did he fear France, Spain, or Great Britain might gain control of? Why did this concern him?
    3. What event happened in 1802? Why did President Jefferson send an ambassador to France?
    4. What did the ambassador return with, and what was the purchase price?
    5. When was the acquisition formally transferred to the United States?
    6. Who had explored the headwaters of the Missouri River before Lewis and Clark? Why didn't Jefferson just rely on his information?
    7. What improvements over the earlier expedition did Jefferson expect Lewis and Clark to make?
    8. What groups did the expedition consist of?
    9. Describe the progress in the summer of 1804. How did the group travel? What were the dangers?
    10. How were the men organized? Where did they winter in 1804 - 05, and whom did they add to the expedition at this point?
    11. What did Lewis and Clark do as they waited for spring? Explain in some detail.
    12. What did the Indians tell them about the difficulty of crossing the Rocky Mountains? What were Lewis and Clark hoping for?
    13. How were Sacajawea's people, the Shoshones, helpful to them? How long did the trip over the mountains take?
    14. Where did they spend the winter of 1805 - 06? When did they start the trip home?
    15. On what date did they reach St. Louis, the end of their journey?
    1. Where did Lewis and Clark first meet?
    2. Where was William Clark born, and what was his childhood like? How was he educated?
    3. Where was Meriwether Lewis born, and what was his childhood like? Were there similarities between the two boys?
    4. How did Lewis become friendly with Thomas Jefferson? What things from his childhood helped Lewis on the Corps of Discovery's journey?
    5. How was Lewis's cool thinking demonstrated even as a boy?
    6. How was Lewis educated? What did it mean when they said he was taught by preachers, more or less? What were some of his natural talents?
    7. Why didn't Lewis stay at farming?
    8. What job did President Jefferson pick Lewis for? How were responsibilities divided between Lewis and Clark?
    9. When Lewis and Clark returned, what did each want to do? Why did Lewis become less and less happy?
    10. How did Jefferson reward Lewis? What problems did Frederick Bates cause, and how was Lewis treated when he finally arrived at St. Louis, the territorial headquarters?
    11. What happened to Lewis on his way back to Washington?
    12. How was Clark rewarded for the success of the journey? In what way did he honor his old friend Lewis?
THE BIRD WOMAN (page 18)
    1. What did Sacajawea's Shoshone name mean?
    2. What were the events in her life leading up to her marriage to Toussaint Charbonneau?
    3. How did she come to accompany the expedition, and whom did she bring with her? How old was she at this time?
    4. How did Lewis and Clark refer to her in their diaries? How do you think they felt toward her?
    5. Why was there both happiness and sadness when she was reunited with her people?
    6. How did she help the expedition with the Shoshones?
    7. On the return journey, why did Lewis and Clark separate? Who did Sacajawea go with? In what way was she of help?
    8. What did Clark offer her at the end of the expedition?
    9. Sacajawea was the expedition's last survivor. When did she die, and how long had she lived?
    1. How many presidents served before Jefferson?
    2. List the ways Jefferson's farsightedness helped the country.
    3. What were the general orders he gave Lewis and Clark?
    4. When and where was Jefferson born? What were the advantages he gained from both his parents?
    5. What was his education like? What did he study in college?
    6. What was his first profession?
    7. Describe Jefferson's ten-year marriage to Martha Wayles Skelton.
    8. When did his political career begin, and what was his first elected office?
    9. What was the stand he expressed in the pamphlet "A Summary View of the Rights of British America"?
    10. Which historic document is he best known for writing? What did it emphasize?
    11. How did he help pave the way for the growth of the United States?
    12. To what country was Jefferson appointed minister?
    13. How did he serve Virginia?
    14. What city did he plan, and what were some of the features he insisted on?
    15. What position did he hold in the John Adams administration?
    16. The election of 1800 was very close. How was it finally decided? How many terms as president did Jefferson serve?
    17. How did Jefferson choose to be remembered in his epitaph?
    Locate a current map of the United States and see what states were originally part of the Louisiana Purchase.
    1. Why do you suppose wood was so scarce for the Shoshones?
    2. What materials did Bright Eyes use to construct a basket?
    3. What did Cedar Woman tell her she could do to win honor?
    4. Whom did she encounter when she was searching for food? What did Basketmaker think would happen to them?
    5. How did Drewyer talk with her? What did she tell the Shoshone warriors?
    6. What did Lewis want from the Shoshones? Why did the Shoshones think it was good to be friends with the whites?
    7. Why did they soon think the whites told lies? What was Bright Eyes's idea? What did she realize when she saw a young woman with a baby?
    8. What was her message to Chief Cameahwait? How did the Indian woman with the whites indicate that she was Shoshone?
    9. What did Chief Cameahwait discover about Sacajawea? What did she give him, and what was her message to him?
    10. How was Bright Eyes rewarded for her bravery?
    1. Who was York, and how did he come to be on the expedition?
    2. What job was he given? What do we know of his physical characteristics? How did the Indians react to him?
    3. What tall tale did he tell the Indians that showed his sense of humor?
    4. What hardships did he have to endure? What do we know of his skills?
    5. Give an example of York's ability to trade successfully with the Indians.
    1. What was Scannon's original home like?
    2. How did Lewis acquire Scannon? How many men accompanied Scannon when they set out in May of 1804?
    3. How large was Scannon, and how much could he eat? How did Scannon save them when they were camped on the sandbar?
    4. When did the Corps reach the junction of the Platte River? Where was the Corps's winter camp? When did they set out again?
    5. How was Scannon a help with the grizzlies?
    6. What problems did the falls of the Missouri present to the expedition? How did Lewis help Scannon?
    7. What condition were the men in when the Shoshone Indians furnished them with horses?
    8. Write a paragraph describing the mountain crossing and tell how you think Scannon fared.
    9. When did Scannon and the expedition reach the Pacific Ocean?
    1. What type of route did Thomas Jefferson hope to find to the Pacific Ocean?
    2. Describe the process Lewis and Clark went through to map the expedition.
    3. You might want to do this activity to get a better idea of what the task of mapping was really like.
    Test your knowledge with this quiz.
    Do this activity to discover what William Clark wrote in his notebook on November 7, 1805.

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