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Teacher's Guide for COBBLESTONE Benedict Arnold: American Traitor

November 1999

Teacher Guide prepared by: our staff.

Time Line
As students read through the issue, have them build a time line of dates and events in Benedict Arnold's life.

Character Education
Working individually or in groups, ask students to make up two lists as they read the various articles (You could also assign a different article to each group.):

  1. What events and character traits could have influenced Arnold's decision to become a traitor?
  2. What were his achievements and positive character traits?
Ask students to write a poem about Benedict Arnold that expresses their feelings about him.

Reading Comprehension
Students can complete the "Brain Ticklers" on page 42.

Class Projects
Using internet resources and information from books and other literature, students could research and design posters on the Battle of Valcour Island, The Battles of Saratoga, Fort Ticonderoga, the Green Mountain Boys, and the history of West Point.

The class could research other sunken ships (see the October COBBLESTONE® issue, La Salle's Belle, for instance) in various areas of the U.S. as part of an underwater archaeology project.

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